Tips for Viewing Commercial Property

property_viewing450Now you know what you are looking for it’s time to get searching. You can call up or drop in on some commercial agents, engage a surveyor, search on the internet, contact the council, ask around other businesses, or you can simply drive round the area you have selected to see what is available.

Remember that commission will most likely be payable to agents that act as an intermediary between you and a prospective landlord. Armed with your list of requirements you can then make some phone calls to check on the details. This will no doubt whittle the long list down further to a much shorter list! The shortlist will be the ones that you arrange to view. Here are some tips to help you get the most information from your viewing and help you to make the best decision:

  • Don’t forget to take your requirements list with you to remind yourself of what is important. Maybe tick off the matches to help you build up a picture of the best fit.
  • If you are viewing several properties it is essential to take notes as it can be difficult to remember everything you have seen, and if you see enough properties they will start to merge into each other!
  • Take some photographs to help with the memory jogging later.
  • View the property as many times as you need to and at different times of the day and don’t be afraid you are being a nuisance. Entering into a lease is a big commitment and it is important that this is the right decision for you.
  • Make sure you check exactly what is included in the rent and what is additional, so you are aware right from the start of all the costs involved. This may vary from landlord to landlord.
  • Ask how long the property has been available and how many other prospective tenants have viewed the property
  • If the property is not exactly what you are looking for then explain your requirements to the landlord. They may be willing to adapt, extend or otherwise alter a property to accommodate you

It’s very important, therefore, that you get the right premises for your present and future needs and that you don’t commit yourself to something you cannot afford if things go wrong, or if your new business does not take off as planned. Once you have your eye on a great property in the right location you then need to ensure that the terms of the lease are acceptable to you. There are some important differences between renting residential accommodation and taking on a commercial lease, essentially you have far less protection. We’ll talk about how you can avoid the potential pitfalls next time.

More details on the Stour Valley Estates business parks and our other commercial properties to let can be found on this website, or by phoning our Property Manager Katie Dove on 01304 849210.