Your ideal commercial property

ideal_property_450Before you get out there and start looking for your new home for your business, we suggest you spend a few minutes with a paper and pen to jot down what you are actually looking for.

Getting some ideas down up front doesn’t finally rule anything out but could save you a lot of time in the long run. Things to consider include:

LOCATION – often the most important factor. Do you need to be near to certain road transport routes or links for deliveries or shipments? Would it help or hinder you to be in an area with other similar businesses all attracting the same type of customers? How accessible do you need to be for customers and/or for staff?
TYPE OF BUILDING – deciding if you need an industrial, retail, office, or other nature of building may be easy. But even within those categories there are large variations in size – how fixed or flexible are your needs?
SIZE – does the building and/or site offer options for growth if your business takes off? Moving again, and re-educating customers where to find you, can be an expensive business. You need to be confident that the choice you make now will suit your business plan and objectives for a reasonable time period.
FACILITIES – Note down any requirements you have for non-standard services. The need for electricity and water are assumed, and these days broadband is essential, but maybe you have specific needs for power or for a high-speed internet connection that will rule out certain locations.

Once you have described your ideal property mark each attribute as either essential or desirable to prioritise your checklist and identify areas where you will be prepared to compromise.

Then, when you start doing your research, you can add to or refine this list. You may come across features or issues that hadn’t occurred to you in the first place. Once you start talking to agents and prospective landlords this list will prove invaluable and mean that they are able to point you towards more suitable properties more quickly – saving everyone time!

More details on the Stour Valley Groups business parks and our other commercial properties to let can be found on this website, or by phoning our Property Manager Katie Dove on 01304 849210.

April 2014

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